In the period dominated by the open access to geographical information offered by Web 2.0 it is necessary to offer new opportunities for the actors that manage the environment. The opportunities are represented by easy and friendly tools for the research and exploration of geo-referenced data giving also the capability to modify/update the information. The main aim is the publication of information as a shared resource useful for actors (e.g. governmental agencies, public/private companies, experts) that plays a key role in the management of environment and the risks (e.g., hydrogeologic risk, .earthquake). SI2G developed the I-MAP frameworkthat is an innovative open source tool for the web based application applied to geographical information; I-MAP is based on Google Maps, OpenLayer and Web 2.0 technologies; a user friendly interface allows a complex remote interaction working as a cooperative front office tool shared between an heterogeneous set of users.

Possible applications of I-MAP are:

  • Land Use/Land Cover map production and updating;
  • integration of aerial/satellite data with cartographic information;
  • application-form processing data with geospatial information;
  • integration of geospatial information for environmental monitoring and protection(user/citizen can submit events of interest as fire, illegal dump/building, road damage, local flooding/landslip drawing the event on a map)
  • the analysis/insertion of geographical data of flora and fauna (e.g., sighting of protected species or illegal hunting);
  • cooperative definition of territorial planning strategies and/or city plans (the citizen can interact by inserting/modifying a set of data).

All the services that are based on integration of data (submitted/drawn by a citizen, governmental agency, private company) and geographical information can be easily integrated into I-MAP. Power to the user.


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